Thursday, July 24, 2014

Genealogy Lost Forever: Homosexuality and the Demise of the Black Family Tree

By Xavier James

At a time when black children are trying to find out who they are, the homosexual supremacists insist on stopping their bloodlines. It’s time to give white supremacists their gods back. It’s time to give homosexual supremacists their sex-style back. It's time to teach black children their history so that they may escape the traps of homosexual supremacy.

The unfortunate circumstance of the single mother having her only son become homosexual is an unbearable heartbreak. The hurt, frustration and anger attached with watching the son she gave birth to, sacrificed her happiness for, and gave her everything, turn into a female right before her eyes is paramount to watching death itself.

To compound her grief she knows that in all likelihood she will never experience the joy of being a grandmother. She will never see in a grandchild all the hopes and dreams lost on her homosexual son.

As the mother sits back and tries to pinpoint where she went wrong, the father of a daughter, his only child, receives the crushing news that she, daddy’s girl, hates men, never intends to marry, and has taken up with a female. He too will never know the delight of becoming a grandfather.

Homosexuality has chopped down many a black family tree. The genealogy of thousands of families have been halted because homosexuality revealed as always, Adam and Steve cannot create life.

Don't let homosexual supremacists chop
down your strong African tree.

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