Friday, October 11, 2013

New 'Famous Homosexuals in History' List

Famous Homosexuals in History

By Xavier James

I’ve always wondered why the ‘Famous Homosexuals in History’ lists only include the persons homosexuals deem worthy. If the only criteria needed was to be famous, infamous and homosexual, then why the snide attitude or bias against other homosexuals? One could argue that the people who aren’t listed are not in favor with the image the homosexual hierarchy wants to project?

They immediately got thrown under the homosexual bus as soon as their ‘dark sides’ were exposed. The object of these lists is to portray homosexuals as kind, sensitive, loving, creative people who wouldn’t hurt a fly. And some of them are, but sadly most of them are not. After reading my list of Famous Homosexuals in History you’ll see why:

Michael Swango- estimated to have poisoned to death between 30 – 60 people.
Wayne Williams-called the Atlanta Child Murderer, linked to 12 of the 30 young Black boys found murdered.
Jeffrey Dahmer-you can’t say the words serial killer without mentioning Dahmer. He confessed to murdering 17 fellow homosexual males; saving, storing and eating their body parts.
Luis Alfredo Gavarito-tied, tortured, raped and murdered at least 200 children (some say more). He revealed the whereabouts of 114 bodies; ages 8-13.
Aileen Wournos-executed in 2002. Convicted of murdering seven "Johns."
Charles Manson-wanted to start a ‘race war’ between Blacks and Whites. He sent his henchmen on a murder spree to make everyone think that members of the Black Panther Party were the killers. Manson was convicted of murdering six people.
John Wayne Gacy-loved forcing himself on little boys. He often dressed up like a circus clown to fool children into trusting him. He sadistically murdered 33 boys and buried them under his house. (Sounds kind of like Benjamin Franklin)
William Bonin-Child molester and murderer convicted of 10 murders but admitted to killing 21 fellow homosexual males.

*Note: Almost half the mass murderers (serial killers) in U.S. history were homosexual or so called bi-sexual. And the vast majority of their victims practiced homosexuality. As it turns out homosexuals have more to fear from other homosexuals then from heterosexual hate crimes. The 8 famous homosexuals listed above have murdered over 350 people between them!

Andrew Cunanan -Killed five fellow homosexual males. Known best for the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace.
Dean Corll-committed 28 known murders of boys ages 13-18 years old. Corll shot and strangled, pulled out pubic hair, inserted objects up their rectums, chewed off their genitals, and inserted glass rods into the shaft of their penis’. He even castrated many victims while they were still alive and sealed the severed genitals in plastic bags.
King James-Born James Stewart, best known for his ‘Holy Bible’ killed most of his male lovers when he was done with them. He also killed his mother.
Constintine- Emperer, best known for torturing and forcing Christianity upon millions and making Christianity a mandatory religion, persecuted and executed tens of thousands of people. He had sex with his sisters and killed many of his own family members which also included his mother. All in the name of Jesus of course.
 Rev. James Cleveland-Allegedly infected young males with H.I.V. before dying of A.I.D.S. himself.
Christopher Columbus-Mass murderer, rapist and kidnapper; best known for starting the transatlantic slave trade.
Marquis De Sade-invented torturous sex. Enjoyed inserting objects up victims anus’ as well as his own. He committed the most depraved sex acts the world has ever known. The term "sadism" was derived from his name.
Lizzie Borden- Killed her mother and father with an ax. Adolf Hitler-enough said.

*Note: Most of the homosexuals listed above were all devout Christians.

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  1. I have a friend that joked one day saying that she landed on the planet of evil and molestation.
    According to statistics, in a room of 100 people, 90 of them have been raped, molested. I believe it is actually more like 95 and those remaining have most likely escaped a predator.
    Information like this is good to post; many want to look the other way and unfortunately, silence feeds this behavior.