"They Made Sure I Couldn't Have Kids


By Xavier James

Over the past decade there's been a barrage of movies and television series portraying White women as relentless, unstoppable heroines standing toe to toe with men and beating them down. Is this a strategy to shape and change the otherwise submissive image and perception of White women around the world? Fact is, there were not, and currently are not White women heroes in history. Xena: Warrior Princess never existed nor does Angelina Jolie's 2010 action hero's 'Salt'. There's no credible historical documentation anywhere on earth where White women engaged in hand to hand combat with men and defeated them, period; didn't happen! Yet our lives are saturated with this indoctrination.

Now here's the exception to the rule; a revolutionary soldier named Deborah Sampson. Miss Sampson's manly features allowed her to dress like a man, hide her breasts and join the military. She fought bravely in battle and was wounded; kudos. However, that is not hand to hand combat and if they knew Deborah Sampson was a woman they probably would not have shot at her. They would have however, proceeded to raping her as they have always done.

Now, I have nothing against White women, but this lie has become overwhelming. And the truth should be told. So let me dispel those and  other myths;

Gordafarid was Iranian and simple poetic folklore.
Amazon Women of Greece-never existed.
Warrior Queen Vishpala of the Iron Leg was Indian (Mid East) and also a myth
The Shield Maidens- more fiction and folk-lure
Valkyries Of Norse- mythology

They never existed. Now, someone’s going to yell out; “what about Joan of Ark?” What about her? Joan of Ark was a religious nut who swore she heard voices. These days she’d be institutionalized. Joan of Ark never engaged in hand to hand combat. “She preferred to carry her banner into battle rather then a weapon.” She didn’t want to harm anyone. She even had her own bodyguards. However, submissive White women have always been the norm.

During World War 2 the Jewish, French and Greek women couldn’t wait to drop their panties for the Third Reich; go look it up! Yet on Tell-lie-vision they’re kicking ass and taking names. There are instances where entire villages gave themselves to the Germans while their men were at war. There are countless examples of the 'White woman hero' lie and manipulation floating throughout history. In contrast; Black women heroes or heroines date back to the beginning of time. Yet they are rarely talked about and definitely not depicted in Hollywood.

*Queen Candace in the 4th century BCE kept Alexander the Greek (he wasn’t great) off her land; Ethiopia. She personally went with her army to engage him in battle.
*North African Amazon Women Warriors
Aka the Amazons of Dahomey
*Warrior Queen Amina of Zau Zau
*Nupe Women warriors
*In 1848 African women fought off a group of White slave hunters
outside of Ohio.
*The Aba Women’s Rebellion of 1929
*Yaa Asantewaa fought the British in her Ghana homeland
*Liberation women fighters under Charles Taylor in the 1990’s

And the greatest of all women warriors- Queen Nzinga; the Hannibal of her day. She fought the Portuguese toe to toe for forty years until her death. Black women from slavery to segregation stood toe to toe with White men exchanging punches and fighting off dogs. In school they told us Amelia Earhart was a hero because she flew over the Atlantic Ocean and disappeared. Meanwhile, Harriet Tubman, while being the most hunted person on earth at the time, single handedly went into enemy territory to save countless lives and all they ever called her was a runaway slave.

Not so long ago they tried to convince us Jessica Lynch was a hero. In actuality she got shot and rescued by the enemy the same day; never firing her weapon. Battered woman’s shelters are full of White women that ran when their husbands raised their fists; meanwhile jails are full of Black women that didn’t. So the next time you turn on your television and they’re parading some White woman around as some kind of hero who saves the world, take it with a grain of salt- because now you know the truth! Taken from