"They Made Sure I Couldn't Have Kids



By Xavier James

In a word; confused.  Once again I must reiterate the fact that we all live in a society that has been displaced. Homosexuality itself is a mutation of this displacement. But you must realize that the human mind has a strong drive to correct itself. Since it is an unnatural state of existence for two females to be romantically involved with each other, it’s easier to dress one up and pretend she’s a man. The natural pheromones, muscles, facial hair, clothes, walk and mannerisms nature designed to make males attractive to females (opposites attract) are now disguised by females using improvised acting, crew cuts, clothes and cologne. These ‘props’ help to make the more feminine homosexual female attracted to the masculine homosexual female. Within herself she has created the illusion of a protective male companion. To qualify this unnatural imbalance within her own psyche a woman chooses the butch-dyke to compensate for the loss of masculine energy; thus making it a little bit easier to turn her back on actual males.

When it comes to homosexuality, for the most part females differ from males. Lesbians are more emotionally charged while their male counterparts are extremely testosterone driven. Homosexual males want to ‘stick’ their penis into something or be ‘poked’ and prodded because males are built to climax physically. Woman climax mentally. Women in general aren’t anywhere near as interested in penetration as men think.

It’s amusing to listen to immature men talk about lesbians. When a man hears that a woman’s ‘gay’ the first thing he says is “oh, she just ain’t been with the right man. She ain’t had none of this dick.” He speaks as if his sexual prowess is the solution to female homosexuality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since climaxing is psychological for woman anyway, the butch-dykes, being females themselves, are doing everything men are not. These manly females are giving the emotional support woman need and climaxing is included because it was psychological to begin with. Mental penetration and climaxing is seldom achieved or discussed by today’s testosterone driven male population.

Butch-dykes shoulder the responsibilities a lot of men run away from. Men stopped taking care of the home and women got tired of taking anything the men did to them. Yesterday’s woman was raised thinking that her feelings didn’t matter. She didn’t have her needs satisfied. She physically and mentally “faked it.” Who knows better what a woman wants more than another woman? Butch-dykes use this to their advantage. After sex, the butch-dyke isn’t going to turn over and go to sleep. She’s going to try and make the overall experience something a man can’t measure up to. She’s going to cuddle, kiss her forehead and put the female ahead of herself. They are going to bond emotionally. Their interactions go beyond mere pillow talk. Unfortunately, men still don’t listen. Women find it easier to talk about their feelings with other women. Men have to do a lot more listening and communicating if they intend to curve this imbalance.

A Woman is built to respond to a real man and when she doesn’t have a real man to take the lead she looks elsewhere. Lead your woman emotionally! But men must never forget; a ‘man’ is also built to submit to his woman. While he exhibits his manhood to the rest of the world, the strength of his relationship lies within the reciprocity of submission; compromise, compliment, and figure out when she needs space- THINK STRONG BUT GENTLE. Men who feel as if nothing else is required because their paying the bills, will continue to lose their women to the butch-dyke. The butch-dyke is waiting. The butch-dyke is giving your woman her undivided attention while you do all your thinking with your penis. She’s listening, caring, caressing and reassuring.  A man must learn to sex his woman’s mind as well as her body. Sometimes your woman really does just want to be held.

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