Thursday, December 6, 2018


By Xavier James

During World War II Southern soldiers arrived in Europe ahead of the black soldiers and saw how laid back they were about race relations. So they began telling all the Europeans, especially the women, that black soldiers grew tails like animals everyday at sundown. This was done in an attempt to stop the white women from fraternizing with black men. But after the black men arrived and the European women found out that LIE wasn't true, the White Women across Europe began throwing themselves at the black servicemen in droves. The white American soldiers became jealous and furious. They began attacking the Black soldiers. And all hell broke loose! There were no Jim Crow laws in England and the Black American Soldiers weren't having it. So a race war broke out between black and white American soldiers right there in England; and right in the middle of WWII. A lot of people were killed all because American white supremacists had so much hate and jealousy for the Black man living free, that their animal nature took over. Oh Yeah, and F.Y.I. it was actually quite a few white soldiers who arrived in Europe that were born with animal tails- due to their Rhesus Monkey Genes. Yet another slice of white history they don't teach you in school.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Should You Really Defy the Laws of Nature?

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By Xavier James

You can no longer tell a white man from a white woman. All week on television I’ve seen more females, who were actually males, then ever before. One was even an ex- Special Forces military man who is now a woman. They are everywhere; praising Bruce Jenner while at the same time grabbing their 15 minutes of fame.

I was watching Dr. Drew (Transgender in America) and a Transsexual man said; ‘they (homosexuals) want a world where anything goes and everything people do is okay.’ Really; a world where anything goes? That’s disturbing.

White men have always said “we want to defy the laws of nature.” Defy and defile! All other cultures respect nature. The white male has always been against nature, while all other cultures try to respect nature. Their moral ideals clash with nature and creation. Imbalance, perversion and chaos has alwas been his way.

White supremacists are saying Caitlyn Jenner is cute. White women say he’s beautiful. But there’s nothing cute or beautiful about perversion. Cutting yourself up is not cute. Twisted perversion is not beautiful. 

Have you ever noticed that white supremacists have always praised things that are unnatural or unbalanced?

Monday, September 14, 2015

What's Wrong With this Picture?

Facebook among others, continues to pull this picture. I think its original.
However, pictures of black folks lynched, getting lynched, and post lynching
are in the tens of thousands. What do you think? The assumption is that there's a white man under that sheet. Actually, it could be a dummy, right? However, if  there is a man under that sheet, he'd be a member of a terrorist organization. Shouldn't he be lynched anyway? -Xavier James

Monday, September 7, 2015

Back to School Transgenders

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by Xavier James
Girls dressed like guys (and vice versa) are demanding to use the boys bathroom at your child’s school. There are several such cases in schools across America this year. This is the next big thing and legal battle you and your family will have to deal with. If you’ve never talked to you kids about sex, well, I guess you’d better get started. When your six year old son goes to the bathroom and tries to figure out why there’s a girl, dressed like a boy in the stall next to him, tough questions are sure to follow.

Every year homosexuals come up with new words for old fetishes and sex styles. There have been so many it’s hard to keep track of them all. This year, the new word is Transgender and I’m sure its already in the dictionary. The face of this new word is Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn Jenner. So far we've had:

Cross dresser, transvestite, trans-sexual, bi-sexual, gay, homosexual, homo-thug, homo-hater, homophobia

These are all political terms to help add legitimacy to confusion. Transgender is now used to cover all fetishes and sex-styles. My question is: If a boy has a penis, no matter what type of wig, dress or bookbag he’s carrying, shouldn’t he use the bathroom that accomadates his particular organ?  If a girl has a vagina, why would she want to use a bathroom with stand up urinals?

 Image result for 5 year old transgender
Image result for 5 year old transgender
NOTICE HER SHIRT: 'I'm What's Next!' As
opposed to 'I'm who's next.' As a rule of thumb, never
refer to your child as a what.

Exposed: America's Growing Homosexual Factory
by Xavier James

The Secret Behind Dead and Missing Black Americans: Where are they? Who took them and why?
by Xavier James