"They Made Sure I Couldn't Have Kids


By Xavier James

OMAR THORNTON (34) was a victim/casualty of racism(white supremacy). And I say that knowing full well a lot of you will disagree. The people who were oppressing him have already denied the allegations. When I first heard that a disgruntled, newly fired employee had shot up the warehouse where he worked, I just knew it was a White man. It's a regular occurrence when White Americans are faced with the prospect of poverty. When I found out it was actually a Black man, I was surprised but I honestly knew why. I'm a little older then OMAR but I can tell you; racism effects each generation differently. Our parents basically told us to ignore the racism, turn the other cheek, and pray for the racists.

But in this new age alot of these "young cats" ain't going for it. However, they fail to see white supremacy until it overwhelms them and they lash out. Add in a greater accessibility to guns and there's a problem.OMAR THORNTON tried to fit in with his WHITE co-workers as he endured years of psychological abuse at work and in society at large. He even went out and got a WHITE girlfriend, but that didn't help. What's interesting however, and what none of the WHITE or even BLACK media has the foresight or courage to talk about is this new pattern in BLACK pathology that's arising. THORNTON took his hurt, anguish, and feelings of helplessness out on the people he realized hated and oppressed him; unlike most BLACKS who've been taught to take their frustrations out on other BLACK people. Hence the pattern; a mass epiphany or awakening is emerging.

What will happen when all BLACKS collectively realize they've been tricked into killing each other instead of the people who've relentlessly tried to destroy their lives? Remember Colin Ferguson on the Long Island Transit? How about Brian Nichols, dubbed the Atlanta courthouse killer? One said he did it for his people and the other alluded to racists keeping him down as well. How about NAT TURNER? At any rate, I'll leave you with OMAR THORNTON'S last words " TELL MY PEOPLE I DID IT FOR THEM!" What people do you think he was talking about?