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Young Black MSM (Male having sex with male): The majority of new infections among black MSM occur among young black MSM aged13 to 29 (6,500). In fact, more new infections occur among young black MSM than white MSM aged 13 to 29 and 30 to 39 combined (6,400).

By Xavier James

If I told you that there were brick buildings throughout America were a heterosexual man could walk inside and when he came out he’d be homosexual, I bet you wouldn’t believe me. In fact, you’d think I was crazy. But it’s true. There are hundreds of these structures scattered throughout America. The most common name for these buildings are prisons. That’s right, American penitentiaries are homosexual factories that turn out homosexual males like an assembly line at Ford.

The Romans built the first jails because they had criminals; criminals the dysfunction of their society had created. To them there was no other means of discipline then to physically trap the body and bombard the spirit with hate. Those iron bars are cages that can turn the most honorable humans into beasts. To indiscriminately cage people like animals is troublesome, costly, ineffective and created more homosexuals then the Catholic Church. It’s terrifying for regular men, but when you sentence a homosexual to prison you’re sending him/her into the most conducive environment imaginable. For example, when a homosexual male gets to be locked up 24 hours, 7 days a week with straight males who are in their sexual prime, he’s literally in an emotional paradise. Homosexuals, being bold and aggressive as they are, will stop at nothing to violate a new heterosexual inmate.

Although some of these interactions are consensual, many are not. Voluntary homosexual activity among males who were thought to be straight and bare no signs of homosexual inclinations before incarceration have recently been classified. Modern day sociologists have given a name to consensual sex between males in prison; they call it situational homosexuality. This theory claims that because of their confinement males will have sex with other males because there are no women around. Yet if the only clear definition of consensual sex (according to prison officials) is someone without a knife to their throat, a lot of this data is faulty. What about instances where violence is merely implied?

Many inmates engage in what appears to be consensual sex but they are pushed by other types of coercion or violence. That does not constitute the statistics that make up situational homosexuality. The Struckman-Johnson study found that 1 in 5 inmates experienced some form of pressured or coerced sexual conduct while in prison. Often Correction officers can’t distinguish between consensual sex , coercion and rape, therefore any real or comprehensive statistical analysis is unsubstantiated. Male rape victims in prison are viewed with negativity and scorn both inside and outside the walls; therefore such a crime is grossly under-reported.

In prison and now in ‘homo-thug’ culture, males believe that only the person who is penetrated during sex is homosexual. The fact that some males choose to be penetrated while others choose to only sodomize, reinforces the overstated fact that in a vast majority of cases homosexuality is exactly that; a choice.

Believe it or not violence is used to ensure that there’s no emotional attachment, that’s why most male homosexuals don’t consider themselves homosexual. They rationalize the rape to be more about violence then pleasure. They use their penis as a weapon to gain physical, emotional and psychological power over their victims.

“It’s a way to shame a male with something he must live with for the rest of his life. To brand a man with shame is worse than killing him outright, because it destroys his identity and self- esteem as a man…prison rape leaves a man with two options; retaliate or submit. If he retaliates he will probably be injured, maybe killed. If he submits, he gives his manhood over to the aggressor.”- Eran Reya

Inside, the rapist feels a perverted satisfaction. Moreover these males who rape other males have usually at some point been raped themselves. Prisoners who attempt suicide in prison have frequently been victims of unreported sexual assaults. Because there are few reported incidents, there is little counseling or psychiatric evaluation. This continuous raping and the accompanying feelings of powerlessness and shame has a direct link to the psychological rationalizations of perversion. The combination of a mental and physical breakdown at some point will lead the rape victim to begin the process of making his rapist happy in order to minimize the physical violence and ensure protection. Often times the victim will begin to derive pleasure from these sexual acts and view them as a sort of duty to please the stronger males that surround him. This is the transformation process to which there's no return.

Anyone with common sense knows that a man serving 2-5 years shouldn’t be locked up next to a man serving 25-life, no more then homosexuals shouldn’t be living next to ‘straight’ men in prison- then sending inmates to prisons hundreds of miles away from their families, making visitation all but impossible. But it’s done with the express purpose of corrupting and permanently damaging that male before releasing him back into his community; emasculated and/or effeminized, psychologically damaged, emotionally detached, animalistic, and simply unable to fit back into society. Prison officials should be charged with reckless endangerment for creating and facilitating an environment of perversion and a cycle of preventable violence. Any degree of study/analysis will easily reveal that this is all done by design. White supremacists use the penal system as a weapon to destroy black families and effiminate young black males.

A young White man gets thrown into prison and is raped and ordered to serve the pleasure of a group of Aryan skinheads. But since homosexuality is common in white culture and encourages homosexuality, he may or may not act out his trauma and embrace it as normal, Eurocentric behavior. But a young black man who gets thrown into a prison den and is raped and ordered to serve the pleasure of a group of black males suffers tremendously. This behavior is shunned in black culture. His rapists will say they’re not homosexual yet will regularly engage in sex acts with this young male. The young black male won’t tell his family or girlfriend his closely guarded secret. In fact, upon his release he may even trick his mind into believing it never happened. In both cases and between both races neither is tested for H.I.V before they are released back into society. Today, this young black male may be out trolling your neighborhood in search of someone weaker then him to assault in an attempt to get his ‘manhood’ back. None the less they both could be the male prostitute you find on any street in America.

A Word to Prison Inmates and The Women Who Wait for Them

If you think just because you’re in a cage you must behave like an animal, you’re wrong. If I told you that with one collect call you could save your mother, sister, or girlfriend’s life, right there from your prison cell, would you do it? Would you make that one telephone call? Well, a woman you know is in grave danger from your cellmate. That’s right; the man in the cell next to you gave up his manhood shortly after he arrived in prison. Every night other inmates pass him around like a cigarette. Yet every Saturday his wife and kids come to visit him. He kisses his wife’s lips probably with the stink of another man’s testicles still on his breath. His wife has no idea he gave up his manhood a long time ago. But you do. You know he’s no longer anal-retentive, and it turns your stomach to see him in that visiting area hugged up with that loyal, devoted woman, pretending like he’s done nothing wrong. As soon as he’s released, he’s going straight back to that woman and infect her with A.I.D.S. That’s right; technically he’s planning to kill her!

Doesn’t she have a right to decide whether she wants to die or not?
He’s certainly not going to tell her he’s been having sex with males in prison. With an anonymous telephone call, letter or e-mail you can save a woman’s life. Before any woman pulls back the sheets to have welcome home sex with her newly released boyfriend or husband (city jail or penitentiary), she should first make him submit to an A.I.D.S test. Take him to your personal health provider or even the free clinic, let the doctor swab his mouth,draw some blood and wait for the results. If he loves you and has nothing to hide, he won’t complain. But if he fights you tooth and nail then something is terribly wrong. It's time to run! Taken from-
The Xavier James Files.

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