Thursday, October 8, 2015

Should You Really Defy the Laws of Nature?

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By Xavier James

You can no longer tell a white man from a white woman. All week on television I’ve seen more females, who were actually males, then ever before. One was even an ex- Special Forces military man who is now a woman. They are everywhere; praising Bruce Jenner while at the same time grabbing their 15 minutes of fame.

I was watching Dr. Drew (Transgender in America) and a Transsexual man said; ‘they (homosexuals) want a world where anything goes and everything people do is okay.’ Really; a world where anything goes? That’s disturbing.

White men have always said “we want to defy the laws of nature.” Defy and defile! All other cultures respect nature. The white male has always been against nature, while all other cultures try to respect nature. Their moral ideals clash with nature and creation. Imbalance, perversion and chaos has alwas been his way.

White supremacists are saying Caitlyn Jenner is cute. White women say he’s beautiful. But there’s nothing cute or beautiful about perversion. Cutting yourself up is not cute. Twisted perversion is not beautiful. 

Have you ever noticed that white supremacists have always praised things that are unnatural or unbalanced?

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