Thursday, July 24, 2014

Genealogy Lost Forever: Homosexuality and the Demise of the Black Family Tree

By Xavier James

At a time when black children are trying to find out who they are, the homosexual supremacists insist on stopping their bloodlines. It’s time to give white supremacists their gods back. It’s time to give homosexual supremacists their sex-style back. It's time to teach black children their history so that they may escape the traps of homosexual supremacy.

The unfortunate circumstance of the single mother having her only son become homosexual is an unbearable heartbreak. The hurt, frustration and anger attached with watching the son she gave birth to, sacrificed her happiness for, and gave her everything, turn into a female right before her eyes is paramount to watching death itself.

To compound her grief she knows that in all likelihood she will never experience the joy of being a grandmother. She will never see in a grandchild all the hopes and dreams lost on her homosexual son.

As the mother sits back and tries to pinpoint where she went wrong, the father of a daughter, his only child, receives the crushing news that she, daddy’s girl, hates men, never intends to marry, and has taken up with a female. He too will never know the delight of becoming a grandfather.

Homosexuality has chopped down many a black family tree. The genealogy of thousands of families have been halted because homosexuality revealed as always, Adam and Steve cannot create life.

Don't let homosexual supremacists chop
down your strong African tree.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who Are the Homosexual Males Who Want To Get HIV?


By Xavier James

Wikapedia:  Bugchasing (or bug chasing) is a slang term for a subculture of gay men who desire and actively pursue HIV Infection. Bugchasers “chase the bug” by seeking sexual partners who are HIV positive for the purpose of having unprotected sex. Gift givers are HIV positive men who attempt to infect bug chasers with HIV.

Bugchasers and gift givers interact in mutually negotiated deals to help the bug chaser become HIV positive. Some bug chasers organize and participate in “bug parties” or “conversion parties,” sex parties where HIV positive and negative men engage in unprotected sex, in hopes of acquiring HIV (“getting the gift.”)

“In private sex clubs across the U.S. men gather to participate in what is called Russian roulette. Ten men are invited. Nine are HIV negative, one is HIV positive. The men have agreed not to speak of A.I.D.S. or HIV. They participate in as many unsafe sexual encounters with each other as possible, thus increasing their chances to receive “the bug.” These are the men known as bug chasers.” –Daniel Hill, Alternatives magazine issue 15

Health officials are concerned about homosexuals trolling the internet to find orgies with HIV infected males. This behavior has become a problem in the spread of HIV infection. Some bug chasers say sexual Russian roulette gives them a rush. Others want HIV because they’re tired of being afraid of catching it. It would decrease their anxiety if they tested positive. They simply want to get it over with.

 Others want the sympathy and attention that comes with testing HIV Positive.

Bug chasers believe that by taking the drug cocktails HIV offers no chance of them dying and that in fact A.I.D.S. is practically cured. Wrong. A.I.D.S. affects everyone’s body differently and some people’s bodies do not respond at all to the drugs. Not to mention strains and mutations. Once again the misinformation within this sub-culture acts as a vacuum.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the perversion just keeps on coming. Few things about homosexuality surprise me; this is one of them. Can you imagine how deeply psychologically damaged an individual would have to be to purposely intend to get H.I.V.?  And what does it say about the individual who is more then willing to infect him? What else is he willing to do? What other despicable acts has he committed or will he soon enact against society at large? History has already shown us.

Extremely dysfunctional people, who never learned to construct or cultivate nurturing social or intimate heterosexual relationships, will do anything to fit in where ever they can. “Bug chasing” is yet another cry for help by homosexuals. People who do not love themselves or have any real self worth always seek to push the boundaries of normalcy in an attempt to fill the empty void in their lives. Others simply want to die and take somebody with them; too afraid to buy a gun and pull the trigger, they’ve now found less conventional means.

Remember, many males and females turned homosexual in order to feel special; as if they finally belong. But after the novelty wears off and the realization that the spiritual connection they seek can never be found in their homosexual acts, this ‘bug chasing’ desperation can take hold. The Centers for Disease Control still reports high rates of infection among homosexuals and so-called bi-sexual males. They are still having unprotected sex with multiple partners some of which are females.

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